Special operations activities include Hazardous Materials Response, Vehicle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue, Collapse Rescue, Swift and Flood Water Rescue, and other complex incidents. 

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Special Operations

Special Operations

Special Operations

Special Operations

Special Operations

High-threat or technical rescue operations require specialized personnel, equipment, and apparatus. These types of calls are typically involve construction accidents, water emergencies, farm machinery, or structural collapse. Responders who perform this type of service begin their career as Firefighters and participate in additional training to be certified to provide this type of service.

Confined Space Rescue

There are many utilities, government services, and technology that require infrastructure to allow materials, cabling, or fluids to travel through tight or small concrete spaces. If someone is working in these areas and has an emergency, special operations personnel will be required to enter, treat, and extricate the individual.

High/Low-Angle Rescue

During routine maintenance on high structures like utility poles, water towers or antennas, or while someone is hiking or rock climbing, they might experience an emergency. If the individual can’t self-rescue, personnel are required to render aid, and move the patient from wherever they are, back to the ground so they can be treated and/or transported. These types of rescues require personnel to create complex rope systems to reach the patient and safely move them to the ground.

Water & Swiftwater Rescue

Prince William County is fortunate to border or contain several lakes, rivers, or bays. Whether boating or swimming in these areas, emergencies are possible. When heavy rains cause flash flooding and other abnormal environmental conditions, they could cause threats to life and property. Swiftwater rescue personnel are trained to operate in these conditions to reach, package, treat, and move those in trouble.

Trench Rescue

Construction activity that includes digging a large trench whereas personnel will be operating at or below ground level requires several safety activities and equipment to prevent injury or death. Trench operations include personnel who are trained on trench emergencies and how to safety reach and remove people from trench collapses.

Vehicle Rescue

If an auto accident occurs and a vehicle’s occupant can’t be accessed by emergency personnel or be moved away from the vehicle because of the damage caused in the accident – emergency personnel must forcibly move or completely remove parts of the vehicle so we can provide service or transport the patient to a hospital.

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