“Perfection in standards, execution of demonstration, and above all else – ambassadors of honor.”

A Mission of Honor

To Provide the members and citizens within the community with a professional, expert, and respected group of trained and outfitted individuals to provide parade/event and/or funeral services with the utmost concern for the reverence to the Colors and the parties involved, with the added purpose of increasing DCVFD public image through events the group participates in.

Solemn Duty

Our detail participates in national and regional special events joining our fellow departments in the presentation, perfection, and duty that serves to show the world who the fire service is. Our members who have been selected to participate in this detail spend hundreds of hours drilling and demonstrating annually.

The Best of Us

Honor Guard detail members represent those who have chosen to perfect our standards, the pillars of our mission to serve, and who want to ensure only our best foot is ever forward. The DCVFD Honor Guard is always at the ready to support any need for service. Our members are extremely proud of what the detail does on a daily basis.

Are you ready to serve?

Join your neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens dedicating thousands of hours
per year in support of the greater good.