& Equipment

Our Equipment Division is responsible for establishing and maintaining an inventory of over 3,500 assets from hydrant wrenches to ET tubes. Each unit, member, and station would cease to function without this critical role. Our current personnel, process, and effort is best in breed and a model that others regularly follow.

Equipping the Front Line

Each time a call for service is answered we send units, personnel, and equipment to meet whatever situation we find.

Ensuring that our personnel are equipped with the best possible gear, tools, and other equipment is the definition of a mission-critical function. 

Innovation & Leadership

The DCVFD Logistics Division has been a core part of the County’s logistics capability. Our internal personnel have provided decades of support, guidance, and operational effectiveness through the most challenging times. Our personnel have always been able to answer the call and ensure the County’s emergency services function to meet demand.

Excellence in Compliance

DCVFD Logistics completes several major operational tests, certifications, and hundreds of repairs annually. Each year we’re required to test and certify over 25,000 ft. of attack and supply hose, maintain compliance with VA OEMS equipment regulations, and manage thousands of individual assets at each station.