Of Directors

The BOD or Board is responsible for overall management and oversight of the Administrative functions of the organization. We are a 501(c)4 non-profit established in Virginia in October 1967 by members of the community.

The Fire & Rescue System

The Fire & Rescue System

The Fire & Rescue System

The Fire & Rescue System

The Fire & Rescue System

We operate in the County as a member of the Fire & Rescue System. We are one of eight remaining Volunteer Companies and work alongside the paid Department of Fire & Rescue (DFR).

Standing Committees & Divisions


$4M in expenditures per year

T. Mazzo
R. Best

There are two types of funds we operate with: Levy Funds (Taxpayer dollars) and Non Profit Funds (Donations). Our annual revenue is $4 Million per year with our expenses under that by about $150k. Finance personnel conduct about 40 transactions a month in support of our operations.

Human Resources

Six awesome employees

T. Mazzo
M. Werner

There are two types of funds we operate with: Levy Funds (Taxpayer dollars) and Non The Department has six Employees who serve vital roles in support of operations. The HR Committee is responsible for protecting the interests of our Employees and the organization. Each employee supporting DCVFD allows us to operate independently, and in many cases, more efficiently than the County.


150 Professional Volunteers

K. Batson

We have over 150 active members making us one of the largest Volunteer Fire/Rescue Departments in the world. Membership is responsible for policy and process in managing all members. Our Membership team is by far the most active and engaged of all committees in managing our member lifecycle.

Logistics & Equipment

3,800 Assets, 760 repairs/year

M. Werner
D. Moran

Our Equipment Division is responsible for establishing and maintaining an inventory of over 3,500 assets from hydrant wrenches to ET tubes. Each unit, member, and station would cease to function without this critical role. Our current personnel, process, and effort is best in breed and a model that others regularly follow.


Over 100 classes annually

D. Hudson

The Training Division is responsible for all entry and ongoing professional development activity within the department. Our AC of Training is charged with tracking all current and future requirements affecting our members, scheduling and managing their compliance, and overseeing all training activity within the organization.

House & Grounds

4 Stations, 440 repairs/year

E. Van Horn
B. Roache

Facilities (or House & Grounds) is responsible for establishing and maintaining all physical locations that the department opera tes. We have four stations each with their own HVAC, Security, Space Management, and Function requirements. House & Grounds is responsible for completing several hundred repair orders every year.

Apparatus & Maintenance

44 Units, 820 repairs per year

M. Werner
C. Hool

Our current operational and administrative fleet consists of over 40 vehicles and emergency apparatus. The A&M committee is responsible for comprehensive fleet management operations including purchasing, specification, construction/build, operation, and maintenance of the entire DCVFD fleet.


Coverage for Units & People

L. Van Horn

Every individual member, employee, building, and vehicle is covered by organization wide policies. These insurance policies protect us in the event of accidents, workplace injury, and other threats to personnel and operations. The Insurance Committee is responsible for annual renewals and claims management.

DeSanto Community Hall

250 Guest Event Space

L. Van Horn

Our social and community hall hosts about 250 people and is used internally for large events and is rented out to the public. We also provide the space to support several events free of charge throughout the year. The hall is managed by the Hall Coordinator which meets with prospective renters, handles contracts, and other management activity.

Associates & Auxiliary

Critical, non-ops support

L. Van Horn

Non operational volunteers are also required to support our mission. These individuals are members of the DCVFD Auxiliary, an in dependent 501(c)3 organization registered in Virginia. The Auxiliary has a rich history of making DCVFD what it is today. Their continued assistance to our mission is vit al to our success.

Marketing & Communications

>6,000 Social Followers

N. Best
R. Best

In the information age of today, who we are and what we do must be communicated in a way that helps the department establish and maintain a public image that suits all of the amazing work our members do every day. The MarCom Committee is charged with executing the department’s strategic communications programs.


Formed in 1967, still strong

A. Willis
N. Best

No organization can function without a guiding document to tell us how we came to be, what our mission is, and how we are to exe cute it. This document is our corporate bylaws. They define the organization and how operate. This document is rarely edited thanks to all those who helped in it’s drafting and revisions throughout our history.

Information Technology

4 sites, 60 systems, 4 servers

R. Best

All organizations are technology organizations today. Public Safety is not immune to that. The IT Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining technology services, equipment, and operations in support of our mission. Typically, those on the IT Committee are responsible for managing our IT Vendor.

Public Education

Over 50 events per year

V. Angry
D. Moran

Our efforts to respond to emergency events are closely related to those we take to prevent them in the first place. Our Public Education Committee is responsible for creating and operating our ability to reach out and inform the community about who we are, what we do, and to help train citizens to be #F ire Smart

Ways & Means

>$40,000 raised per year

W. Grochala

The Department is funded generously by County taxpayers. In addition to the tax levy that allows us to operate, we also solicit donations, host events, and otherwise fundraise for our members and the shared mission. Ways & Means is responsible for coordinating and managing all fundraising activity for the organization.

W. Grochala