“Service is not doing what’s required of us, service is doing more than what’s required of us”

Simon Sinek






Life, property, and the environment are all at risk of being destroyed by fire. Since the 1st Century people across the world have been conducting formal fire suppression activity and becoming organized. DCVFD has been in operation since 1967 serving our small corner of Virginia.


“Only through preparedness, can we save the most lives.”

Through public education events, station tours, and while personnel are moving through the community, DCVFD members provide awareness about causes of fire and how we can work together to prevent it. If you’d like to request our personnel or units for a public education event, please complete this request.


We hope no one ever has to endure a fire at home, if it happens, we’ll be there to help.

Our over 150 operational personnel serve an average of 800 hours a year. Each DCVFD station has a Front-Line Seagrave™ Marauder Engine capable of delivering 1,250 gallons of water per minute to support fire suppression. Our average turnout time is less than 2 minutes with our average response time being under 5 minutes to all first-due structure fire calls.

Becoming a Firefighter

The first step is becoming a member of our organization. Once you’re finished with the initial membership requirements (Physical, Background Check & Interview), you’ll complete a month or two of recruit training and be assigned to a crew. Then we get you in to the next available Fire Academy!

Fire Academies include the below certifications:

Academies generally start in January and run until July or August, two nights a week and weekends held at the PWC Public Safety Academy in Nokesville, VA.

Are you ready to serve?

Join your neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens dedicating thousands of hours
per year in support of the greater good.